WeGolf iPhone / iPad Upgrade

Version 2.0.4 for iPhone and iPad has been released.

The new version includes the following features and fixes:

New Features / Enhancements

- Let friends follow your score live from their phones
- Send SMS with scorecard web-link
- Change hole in Target View by swiping left or right
- Implemented Twitter Scorecard Link for iOS 5.0
- Statistics: updated "NetScore" to "To Par"
- Distances above 1000 m, use 'km' (for yards, use miles 'mi')
- Added check for locale to set correct unit (yard or meter) as default
- User Interface improvements


- 9-hole course crash
- Out/Total NOT computed in scorecard view for 9-hole courses
- Fixed bug for scorecard crash for 9 hole courses
- Fixed bug for Goto hole for 9 hole courses


- IOS 4.3

How to upgrade

Existing users can upgrade from the Appstore on their phone.
Select APPSTORE->UPDATES and download WeGolf 2

How to Purchase and Install

New users use the Appstore button to the right to purchase on iTunes.
Alternatively on your iPhone:

1. Select APPSTORE from the main menu
2. Select Search and type "wegolf"
3. Download WeGolf 2